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This page contains answers to the most urgent issues of training in a driving school and about the theoretical and practical exams in the traffic police.

If you can not find the answer to your question, zvertaysetya by phone or via the feedback form on contact page.

We complete the group up to 15 people, since the large number of students decreases the absorption of the material.

Duration of training in a driving school - 2 month. Training schedule is flexible, you can attend classes in the morning and evening.

Teaching literature is included in the program you have selected, so in addition to buy books is not necessary. None of the employees of our driving school has no right to engage in the sale of literature or software training. All are FREE of charge!

- Training in driving school to drive vehicles of categories "A", "A1", "B" may be 16 years;

- for exams in the traffic police on the "A", "A1" allowed persons who have reached 16 years of age, on the category of «B» at the age of 18;

- in individuals under age 18 exams in the traffic police on the category «B» not accept under any circumstances;

- references, temporary driver's licenses, etc. persons under 18 years of age, are not issued.

Practical training is possible to start after the passage of medical examination for drivers of student and learning the basic rules of traffic signs and road markings. It is about 2 weeks of lectures.

No, it all depends on your level of knowledge and practical skills of driving. You need to pass a knowledge test and driving in the traffic police.

Currently, all persons who have successfully passed the theoretical and practical exams in the traffic police, get a plastic driver's license, valid throughout the world.

It is not true. As at the time of any exam it all depends on your level of knowledge and in this case, the vehicle driving skills.

Examination in theory it is possible to take an unlimited number of times, but not earlier than five days, starting from the sixth.

Practical driving test vehicle no more than three times, after which you need to pass an additional course of practical driving, after which issued the admission is made to re-delivery of the practical exam in the traffic police.

Repeated exams in the traffic police are paid.

On cars driving school, each student hands over the exam in the same vehicle, which was held Training.

Is possible to transfer to another group in agreement with the administration of the driving school.

To do this, you must additionally pay for the number of hours you want to hear again.

If you are training with an instructor was not enough, you can always apply to the administration driving school and take extra classes on driving.

You have the option to order additional lessons with an instructor who has been teaching driving lessons in basic training or study with another instructor.

Yes. In such cases, you need to apply to the administration of driving school, and you easily will change the driving instructor.

Also in the driving school there is a practice of dual training. In this case, you can pass Training as a car with a manual transmission and the machine parallel.

Without the Kiev residence permit, to study in a driving school course you can, but for the exam you will need a certificate from the traffic police at the place of registration (residence in your city) that you were not given the right to not withdrawn.

It should be obtained immediately prior to the exam, since the period of validity of the references to 14 days. After receiving these documents, you can take the exam in the traffic police in Kiev.

It is not necessary. The driving school has a system of phased payment. You can make an initial payment (500 UAH), and then make the payment poetapno, but not later than one month before the end of the theoretical and practical lessons.

Our Features:

checkFirst lesson is free;

checkConvenient schedule;

checkConvenient location;

checkAdvanced car fleet;

checkHighly qualified instructors;

checkCombination of theory and practice;

checkPossibility of choosing time, instructor, car and gear box.

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