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How to get a driving licence in Ukraine if you come from another country

Driving a car in Ukraine requires having appropriate documents which entitle a person to handle a vehicle. Citizens of other countries are allowed to drive a car in Ukraine under the condition of possessing an international driving licence or state-recognised one which is accordant with the International Convention on Road Traffic (1968).

It might be necessary to possess Ukrainian driving licence if a person intends to get a residence permit. After receiving the residence permit in Ukraine, person’s driving licence is exchanged for the Ukrainian one. The exchange lasts about 60 days.

The procedure of obtaining a driving licence requires passing the medical exam and theoretical tests as well as the practical one. For those who have a temporary residence permit, obtaining Ukrainian driving licence isn’t obligatory, though it’s feasible.

If a citizen of a foreign country who legally stays in Ukraine doesn’t have a driving licence he may stand for it.

The procedure of imparting a driving licence is equal for both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners. The core document required is foreigner’s ID which should be translated into Ukrainian and notarized afterwards. A contract between two sides is signed on the basis of having this document translated. The theoretical and practical course takes 2 months. After finishing the course, a student gets a certificate.

What will be needed to get the driving licence:

check finishing theoretical and practical courses at driving school;

check passing the medical exam and getting a medical certificate form 083-O;

check passing the external driving exam.

According to the Ministry’s resolution, the exam on getting a driving licence is passed in State Automobile Inspectorate Department regardless of residential or permanent address.

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